Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Pat on the Back

A personal pat on the back here (I've got long arms--ask anyone)... The Alex Finazzo video "I've Waited as Long as I Can" we posted yesterday is the very first music performance Kathie and I ever made. It was taken at the Coffee Gallery Backstage in Altadena, CA where we had gone to see one of our favorite local bands, the Salty Suites. 

We only had one camera then and didn't really know what we were doing. It sat in my computer for over eight months until we (by we I mean Scott Starbuck) got the editing skills to turn a bland shoot that did not do justice to the performance into something nice. 

Now we have four video cameras, sound recording equipment, microphones, professional editing software, backup batteries and accessories, and skills that get better every day. We have about thirty videos up and another 75 or so in the can waiting for editing. 

Our YouTube channel keeps getting better, the fan base of our TheMusicator Facebook page is growing, our dotcom site is coming along nicely, and we now have a TheMusicator blog. We have come a long way on our mission to promote local, live music. Not bad for a small team of retired old farts!

Oh yeah, and we've made a lot of good friends in the process... Thank you all!!!!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

About TheMusicator's YouTube Channel...

TheMusicator team takes pride in our TheMusicator YouTube channel. It is a collection of performance videos we taped at live performances in southern California. (We plan to be doing some in Phoenix, Arizona, Seattle, Washington, and parts of New Mexico in the not-to-far future.)

As we run across quality performers who are agreeable to being taped we make arrangements with them to record them at a future performance. We show up with three video cameras and audio recorders to tap into their sound system and record some of their songs.

Afterwards we edit the raw footage into a few finished performance videos and upload them to our YouTube channel in a manner that no one can access but the performer(s). We send the performers a link to the upload and ask them to send us a request to make it public if they like it.

Once we get the request we make the post public, along with a statement that we claim no copyright on the material and agree to remove it should the performer ask us to. After we make the upload public we promote it by posting it on TheMusicator Facebook page which posts it to our fans' news-feeds. We also post it on the artist's Facebook page and share it on select friends' Facebook pages.

The artists can then share the video with their fans. We suggest that all folks involved like, comment, and share the videos so that we all are promoted. And each week we will also be posting a "Video of the Week" from this blog and our TheMusicator dot com site.

Here is one of our videos from the site: Babies by Sasha Evans and Douglas Miller and
here is a link to TheMusicator YouTube channel   (If you like it, subscribe!!!!!)

Keep on musicatin'!

Introductions are in Order...

As this is the first TheMusicator Blog, I thought introductions are in order. Hello, TheMusicators are husband and wife team James and Mary Best, and Scott Starbuck. We are all retired from long and rewarding careers in the mental health field, looking to earn some extra income while indulging in our passion for music and a desire to contribute to the art. So...

Local, Live, Loved is our motto. James and Mary have been seeking out and enjoying local music for years and have never passed a street busker without placing money in their hat, guitar case, or tip jar. We love the music, the creativity, and the passion of live performances and the magic that fills the air around performers and audience! Scott also nurtures a life-time love of music.

We see this process and all involved in it as representative of the finest that mankind has to offer. It provides hope and is a counter to the long list of civilization's ills. As such, live local music requires nurturing and that is what we are about.

We do this by promoting local musicians/bands, and venues in any way possible. We created a YouTube channel to showcase musician performances to help them find gigs and build a fan base. We created a social networking presence to publicize artists, venues, shows, and original music. We are working hard on a website to provide musicians training and educational resources, to aid communication and outreach, and to showcase their work for fans and venue owners. We are creating We are working with others in the profession to provide hands-on workshops to help musicians. We created this blog to post helpful information to all folks involved.

We are a business, although friends and family tend to smirk at our efforts. All of our services have thus far been provided for free, as we acquire the equipment we need, hone our skills, network, tweak our productions, and develop valuable but affordable service plans. Our "build it and they will come" approach appears to most to be a pretty lackadaisical business plan.

Yet we know it is all going to work out well because of all the good things that keep happening as we trek along on our musical excursions. We keep meeting good people, learning new things, and running across opportunity after opportunity. We believe that concentrating on the goals stated above will bring us ample reward soon enough and our pensions keep us from starving.

In the meantime, we enjoy the facts that we only work with people we like a lot, on music we love, and in environments that turn us on. And we hope we are, in a small but very important way, improving the world and the lives of folks around us.

Our website is: TheMusicator Dot Com
Our YouTube Channel is: TheMusicator YouTube Channel
Our Facebook Page is: TheMusicator Facebook Page
TheMusicator Blog is:

Written by James Best
Cheers, and keep on musicatin'!