Friday, September 6, 2013

About TheMusicator's YouTube Channel...

TheMusicator team takes pride in our TheMusicator YouTube channel. It is a collection of performance videos we taped at live performances in southern California. (We plan to be doing some in Phoenix, Arizona, Seattle, Washington, and parts of New Mexico in the not-to-far future.)

As we run across quality performers who are agreeable to being taped we make arrangements with them to record them at a future performance. We show up with three video cameras and audio recorders to tap into their sound system and record some of their songs.

Afterwards we edit the raw footage into a few finished performance videos and upload them to our YouTube channel in a manner that no one can access but the performer(s). We send the performers a link to the upload and ask them to send us a request to make it public if they like it.

Once we get the request we make the post public, along with a statement that we claim no copyright on the material and agree to remove it should the performer ask us to. After we make the upload public we promote it by posting it on TheMusicator Facebook page which posts it to our fans' news-feeds. We also post it on the artist's Facebook page and share it on select friends' Facebook pages.

The artists can then share the video with their fans. We suggest that all folks involved like, comment, and share the videos so that we all are promoted. And each week we will also be posting a "Video of the Week" from this blog and our TheMusicator dot com site.

Here is one of our videos from the site: Babies by Sasha Evans and Douglas Miller and
here is a link to TheMusicator YouTube channel   (If you like it, subscribe!!!!!)

Keep on musicatin'!

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